Valentine Collage Heart Banner

I'm not the biggest fan of this upcoming holiday but one aspect I do like is all of the handmade gifts. Similar to Christmas, it seems like everyone goes all crafty gung-ho for their V-Day cards and gifts. Always more thoughtful to send something handmade than store bought! 

It's even cuter when it's something handmade by a kiddo. My first graders and I made some adorable collage heart banners this week for Valentine's Day. I did this project last year with my kiddos but changed it slightly...so it's Heart Banner 2.0! They're super easy to make and work as a Valentine gift or just decoration. 

  • assorted small strips of paper (we used graph paper, red/pink construction, shiny silver and pink paper and tissue paper)
  • a sheet of normal paper sized 8.5" x 11"
  • a sheet of larger paper in a different color
  • a sharpie or marker
  • scissors
  • a glue stick
  • yarn or ribbon
1. Cover the ENTIRE front of the 8.5 x 11 paper with the little strips of paper. They can overlap each other too, just make sure they're glued down really well. 

2. Flip the paper over and draw hearts all over the back. They can be the same size or vary. We got about 8 hearts from one sheet of paper.

On the larger sheet of paper, draw hearts slightly larger than the first page of hearts. Make sure you draw the same amount as the other page so each heart has a pair. 

Cut out all of the hearts! With little ones, it's a good exercise for practicing cutting along a line. Took a little while to cut out all 16 hearts too! This is the exciting part because the kiddos don't know exactly what the hearts will look like when they're cut out! 

5. Make heart sandwiches! Space the larger hearts out with the string on top of them. Put lots of glue on the underside of the collaged hearts and glue on top of the large heart, sandwiching the string between the two hearts. Glue hearts all along the string until you run out of hearts. 

Optional: Have the kiddos decorate the hearts! We had bottles of glitter glue but stickers or markers would work too! Then hang up them up! 

It got a little hectic when we broke out the glitter glue for them to decorate but the kiddos really enjoyed it! Even the boys didn't mind playing with pink paper for an hour. 
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  1. Cute! I would like to be in your classes. :) I saw a post about dyeing with tissue paper - maybe an idea for next year.

    1. I would love to have you in one of my classes! That would be a treat! I've seen a few posts with tissue paper dyeing but have yet to try it...adding it to the list! :)

  2. Ah what a lovely DIY idea :) i'm all about sharing the love and getting crafty! Voting for you :). found you on the bloghop - so you have a new follower over here!

    Thrifty Firecracker x

    1. Hey Alice! You're so sweet, thank you for stopping by! And thank you for voting for me! I hope they get the bugs worked out, I still need to click through all the blogs to find my favorites to vote :)

  3. Oh, tried to vote but the submit button won't work on their site :( might be their browser. I'll bookmark the page and try again later! x


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