A Surprise for Henry

I really love my clients! It's always fun to get a new email or message on Etsy with a truly unique request...every one seems more challenging and cuter than the last. I swear my clients always have the best ideas for books or albums, and this newest book is no exception. 

A good friend of ours wanted a custom children's book for her niece's little boy who is about to become a big brother. Through the entire pregnancy, he's been saying that there's not a baby in his mom's belly...he heard some stomach growls and was convinced there was a baby lion inside! Over time he has also thought there has been baby monkey or elephant too. Cute, right? Amazing prompt for a story? Most definitely! 
The lion page is my favorite from the whole book! There's a couple more photos of this sweet book on chelseawardart if you're curious.


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    1. Thank you Andrea! I'm so glad that Henry's parents love it too :) thanks for stopping by!

  2. This is incredibly adorable. I love the lion page too! x

    1. Thanks Rebecca! Ah I just love that page so much! I want to write every kids book to have a page where I can use that illustration again :)


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