Quick Draw

The Quick Draw in Los Olivos is this weekend! While I'm not participating in it, I will have 2 items up in the silent auction. One is an illustration commission, similar to what I've offered in my Etsy shop. A watercolored piece of the buyer's child/children in what ever scene we decide on. 

The second piece I'll have in the auction is this watercolor piece that out cat Xena is rather fond of. I did the original sketch last year in Italy but I love this alley too much to not revisit it. Not an official Revisit Project piece but it might as well be! I'm pretty stoked on how this turned out, considering it's been quite a while since I actually attempted a larger watercolor. I really like it! So if it doesn't sell, I won't be too disappointed to keep it around.

In other news, I just got some of the bottles for my friend's family wine label I designed! Stoked so much to have it finally on the bottle! I'll get some real photos taken of it within the next few days hopefully!


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