Vino & Italia...

Remember that wine label I was designing a few months back? Well, IT'S DONE!!!! I just got a couple of the bottles this week and I'm so stoked to finally see the label on a real bottle! 

I'm so happy it's finally done! We hit a bunch of little snags getting it approved but it's finally done! Hooray!!!!!

Other very happy news this week... 
I'm officially going back to Italy!!!!!!!!!!!!  
In October! So many exclamation points!!!!!!!!

It's only a quick trip but I intend to see as many friends as possible and sketch every day there! Maybe fill a medium sized sketchbook? We'll see... but the main thing that matters is that I'm going back. Albeit there's a 12 hour long flight to Moscow tucked in the middle of returning process but minor details...12 hour long minor detail, oi vey. 


  1. Yo that's boss! Congratulations!!! Nothing better than seeing your artwork on a finished project! :)

    And so jealous of you going back to Italy! I want to go so bad! Please fill a sketchbook and then show them all to us!!

    Wishes for your continued success <3

    1. Thanks lady! It's such an awesome feeling seeing a finished product!!!

      I'm shopping around for sketchbooks right now. I'll only have a month so sketching everyday is a must in order to fill one! We'll see if I can get back into that habit tho.

      Thanks so much Erin, best of luck to you as well :)


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