oh sweet vino

We've been making a bit of progress on the wine label for Pace wines I mentioned a week or so back. It's had some setbacks and ideas keep changing but I think it's almost done.

The 70's typeface one has been vetoed since we can't legally use "twenty ten" as the year on the label. And it would be too difficult to change the varietal every year...it's a shame but I really love how it turned out.

I also need to wrap it up within the next couple of days before I start my road trip to Austin, Texas! This will be my first trip back to Texas since I graduated 2 years ago (and fled to Italy)... I'm so excited to get back to Austin, especially since my visit coincides with the music festival, SXSW. Which Jovanotti, my favorite Italian singer, will be performing at...che fortuna!

Currently with the labels, we have a bunch of different ideas that we're playing with...one of which gives me an excuse to play with some wine...

I've been painting with wine today to make these cute little succulent plant patterns to use as a background behind the text for a version of the wine label. Such fun! And it's such a lovely color to work with.

I haven't played/painted with wine in quite some time, not since my little Vino book  I made in Italy. But I really love the result of it...and so far I'm loving the combination of text on top of it.

These are some other label ideas I've been playing around with. Which idea do you like best?

Now if only there was a little more product research involved...


  1. Pretty! I've never though of painting with wine - I'm surprised by how dark the colour is. (Though it looks like you had to do a couple layers to get that?)

    I like the succulents and the simple round Pace label best - they both stand out and look more distinctive and unique than the black and white design.

    1. It's so fun to paint with it! It comes out surprisingly dark even without layering. It also depends on the wine...for the flowers towards the top I watered down the wine a bit to lighten it up a bit...

      I love the succulent label! I finished it up the other day and havn't put it up on here yet but it's looking like they're going with the black/white labels. Oh well! Thanks for your feedback tho :) I'm glad you liked those two!

  2. This is great, I've never really considered painting with wine, but with watercolor paper it totally makes sense :) thanks for the great Idea! Your artwork is beautiful!

    1. It's really fun, you should definitely give it a try :) glad you like! Thanks you.


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