bits & pieces via instracrack

Things are getting busy again, big surprise! It's practically my one certainty in life (don't get too comfy, you're bound to be running around like a mad woman again shortly!) Trying to work as much as possible before the adventure starts. I just got a commission on Etsy to bind a sketchbook! Hooray! And another shipment of earrings to the General Store headed up soon. Score! Plus babysitting and homeschooling up the wha-zoo. I got used to the calm of  the end of summer mayhem but this subtle chaotic schedule is by no means unwelcome. 

Onto the photos! Oh Instagram... how I love to hate thee. And just plain love thee. 
Been snapping photos like a fool these last summery days, here's a peek at some of my favorites. This first one might be my all time favorite though! Tempted to get it printed really large and just take over a whole wall...

1. Baby girl at the beach. 2. My favorite back road. 3. Enroute to Las Vegas! 4. The first tarantula of the season. 5. Fresh zucchini blossoms about to be stuffed with rosemary ricotta and fried! 6. Little touches on the new sketchbook. 7. Homemade crostata di ricotta con fragole (ricotta tart with strawberries!). 8. Sewing up some baskets. 9. Impromptu beach day. 10. Little morning window climber.


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