IF: imagination!

A little illustration for Illustration Friday's theme this week: imagination! My favorite! 

Or as my mum and I were jokingly referring to it as: "My horse is a broom, your argument is invalid." Or, "Cleaning? With my broom? Why?"

I really loved this week's theme. And brooms. Love brooms! Especially when you give them to children because, like cardboard boxes, there's really no limit to what they can do with them. 

On another SUPER STOKED happy note, one month exactly until I leave for Italy. SIIIIIII!!!!!! One month til my espresso addiction, lengthy meals, rolling hills, long walks and late talks loves are satiated. 


  1. Very fun illustration! I love the Harry Potter reference!

    1. Thanks Hannah! I couldn't resist throwing one in, especially with the brooms!


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