Hello Lumen, it's so lovely to meet you!

My baby is here! My first printed copy of Lumen arrived yesterday afternoon and I've been smitten with her ever since! I feel like she's my newborn child or something, I just want to take her around town and show off her cuteness to the world! I snapped some pictures of her this morning before I rushed off to paint a silo for a wedding (more on that tomorrow...)

I love having her in my hands. But even more, I want her in the hands of other people and their little ones. Which poses a very hard decision. Do I, A: self publish her and release her for sale through the Blurb bookstore, or B: send her off to publishers and simultaneously renew my old nail biting habit while I wait anxiously for their decision...but potentially gain a larger audience and the rights to say I'm a real published children's book writer and illustrator.

This is hard. I also just dropped a nice chunk of change on having some real prints made of a few of my illustrations to send to publishers before I leave. So really, what's pushing back sharing her with the world just a little longer....but I'm really far too impatient to wait much longer. This is REALLY hard. HELP!

Does anybody out there have any thoughts on this out there??? In the meantime, enjoy some cute little owl eye candy. 

I could get used to this page pretty easily...

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