window, mirror & silo painting...

What do windows, a mirror and a silo all have in common? Well as of this week, I have painted something on all of them! Pretty random assortment of canvases. And even stranger to find me painting with real paints instead of watercolors. 

First up are these windows. I was asked to paint the windows at Pacific Ridge tasting room in Los Olivos a while back but I finally got around to taking some pictures of them! This was an interesting little gig, painting letters backwards. And me being lazy, I just sort of went at it without griding or leveling or taping it off. All freehand for the lazy hell of it!

Next up is the mirror. I actually got this gig because of the windows! A family in Santa Barbara saw the windows and asked me to paint some flowers on the frame around the mirror in their bathroom. I can't even remember the last time I painted a flower realistically with paints! Eek! But I'm pretty happy with how they turned out. 

Last painting gig is the silo. A girl I went to school with is getting married next week and she asked me to paint her and her fiance's names on the silo at the site of where their ceremony will be held. More painting letters so I was all for it! I had a lot of fun playing with typefaces for this one. 

So maybe it's time to add to my business card and resume: window/mirror/ text/ flower/ silo painter!


  1. Seriously impressed! That silo couldn't have been easy to do, but it turned out great. It's not like you could exactly step back frequently to see where to place the next letter. I hope the sky on their wedding day will be just as blue!

    1. Thanks Ann! The silo actually wasn't that bad! I sketched it out in chalk first then just went at it. The flowers were probably the hardest out of all of it surprisingly. And forecasts and sunny for their wedding day :)


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