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T-minus 11 days! Almost 10 now, since this day is almost over. October came so quick, and I know the next 7 weeks are going to go by even faster. *gulp*

I feel like I'm back in college again, and it's the last week before final critiques. Books are due, illustrations need to be finished, trade portfolios need to be printed, last minute instances of brilliance need to have occurred 15 minutes ago. I always liked the frenzy and chaos of the end of the semester, which is probably why I'm procrastinating damn near everything for these final days stateside.

To business! I made a decision on Lumen. I'm going to give her a chance with publishers first before I release her for sale on Blurb. Waiting a little bit longer may hurt her feelings but it will be better for her in the long run to give her a chance. 

And so, today I printed off some little proof booklets to send to publishers to give them an idea of the illustrations and the text together. I have my expensive prints I had made completed too. All that's left to do is buying the envelopes, getting return envelopes/postage ready and printing the manuscripts, cover letters and glorious amounts of sycophantic dribble. Aaand making the long walk to the post office. *double gulp

See the Turquoise Texan Chair??
I spent this past Saturday up at the C Gallery in Los Alamos for Olde Days trying to sell some goodies. It didn't go as well as I had hoped but it wasn't an entire loss. I sold a mini book! Hooray! And I just put one of the larger books I bound for the occasion up for sale in the Etsy shop. The shop will only be open until October 10, to give me time to get any last minute orders made, wrapped up and in the post before I leave! 

I'm getting antsy to use my big Terzo sketchbook! I've started sketching more with my fountain pens to try and get warmed up again. I'll scan those up and post them probably later this week...likely in an effort to procrastinate everything else on the big to-do list...

Gridlines Artist Book
That's about it for the night here. Time to get back to the studio art bubble. Here's some more little bits and pieces from the past week via instagramy...
Goodies read for Olde Days
Ricotta Carrot Cake Whoopie Pies! Via Wholly Kao
Maraca the next morning? Must have been a good night!
The Tin Foil ball & duct tape runway at the C Gallery
Party crashing at the neighbors
The Peace Farm and peaceful goats


  1. Hi Chelsea, just found you via Kat's stock take.

    enjoyed this post and WOW on your new little lumen book. it's charming! couldn't you add it to your etsy shop?

    fyi- i've got a shop link up in progress over on Mercantile Muse. Pop over if you get a chance!

    keep creating,

    1. Hi Pamela! Thanks for popping over! I really wish I could but I want to give her at least a little chance of becoming a real book. If that doesn't go well, she will be in the Etsy shop immediately after. :)

      I'll head over to your link up right now, thank you for the invite!


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