radio silence...

I'll be on a plane in about 46.5 hours...oi freakin' vey. Still so much left to do and very little time left to get it all done and still see everybody. 

One HUGE thing got crossed off the to do/24 before 25 list: I mailed my manuscript for Lumen and illustration samples to three different publishers today. I get butterflies every time I think about it. I feel like I just sent my babies off to college or something. I've done all I can do and now it's up to them.  
I really hope that I'll be coming home to good news in a month. I'll be sending good vibes to my babies from across the Atlantic every day! I just hope that one of them loves her as much as I do. 

So it's likely to be pretty quiet on the blog for probably a week, until I get settled in Lucca and internet situated. I'll be updating on my sketchbook creations as often as I can while in Italy as well as three children's book commissions I'm taking with me to work on.  All the while trying not to instagram like a fool.  

Back to the check list and packing. Arrivederci e a presto! 

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