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Firenze date with Terzo...
Some bits and pieces lately via the instagrammy crack. It's getting redundant I'm sure, sorry most all posting lately is just Italy/food/sketching. I miss doing Friday Features and posting crafty stuff and alike. But as much as I want to do those things right now too, I just need to live here in Italy entirely for this short time. 

So, once the post-Italia blues fade away when I am stateside again I will bring back all those fun things. There will be some new stuff too! Thanks to Ann over at All Things Paper, I won a copy of a Pop-Up Cards book! Hooray! I never win things so I'm pretty stoked about this. It will be fun to make these for the holidays, and also have some new materials for teaching kiddos again. 

I'll post another sketchbook update in a couple days too. Florence was a success today! Terzo and I had a lovely day together, just the two of us. We were interrupted by a bit of shopping but we still had some quality time together. I made the mistake of deciding to sketch the facade of the Duomo. Big mistake. Don't get me wrong, I'm in love with the final sketch but hell...that thing is a PAIN to sketch. And the problem about the sketch is that I could potentially never call it finished, there are so many little details I'd love to include too but that thought is daunting. The Eiffel Tower was a cake walk in comparison...oh well, that's what I get for being too ambitious. 
Favorite photo from Lucca so far. The walls are the best spot for a serious game of chess.
Light magic on the walls...
New wheels! 
Sunset at the Arsenalle in Venice
Grand Canal, Venice
View out of our room in Venice
A park in Bologna
Tortelloni of the pros in Bologna
About to make the sfoglia for tortelloni
Spaghetti Carbonara


  1. GASP. I would know that drying rack from anywhere! Did you go to La Vecchia Scuola?

    1. I wish! That shot is from a pasta shop I stumbled onto in Bologna, Pasta Fresca Naldi. Three generations of pasta making ladies in one tiny shop that made some of the BEST pasta I had in Italy. And also ridiculously affordable...my friend and I gorged there 2 days in a row for about 5 euro each. We had to go back the 2nd day for lasagna verde...freaking amazing!

    2. Good lord, how I missed going there I'll never know. Time for me to return to Bologna, I think!


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