25 before 26

It's my birthday! Geez I feel old now...I'm heading to Las Vegas for a quick weekend getaway/surprise with the boy, HOORAY!  With the new year at 25 starting today, I wanted to share my newest list: 25 before 26! It was a bit daunting to pick 25 goals for this next year but the best part about them all is that (I think/hope) they're all obtainable. I stayed pretty focused with last year's list, and hopefully I will be able to cross out this entire list by January 26, 2014! This last year when by crazy fast and I'm sure this one will go by even faster...
1. With all the trips to Europe over these past few years, I still have yet to go to England or Germany or Ireland! I love you Italy but I need to branch out a bit more...
2. I've been working on getting Lumen published but without any luck yet. I will try the normal route a little longer and if nothing comes from it, I'm self publishing her!
4/5. I love my blog and I love sharing it, but my blog is not a source of income for me. I need to refocus my efforts in promotion. My Etsy shops need more love and attention, and better photos to help with that hopefully. 
7. Okay, I'm a bit of a hoarder. This needs to be remedied...
11. Aiming a bit more realistically this year with the guitar...last year I failed this one miserably, but this year I think my littlest sis wants to learn too. Might be better to learn together! 
12. I need to get back into printmaking, it's been far too long since I last made an edition. I'd like to try sewing some printed pouches too!
14. This one is already in the works, but more on that later...
16. I got a jump start on this one with a mini birthday shopping spree to Lucky! Ideally with better quality stuff, I'll spend less continually replacing all the cheaper and poorer quality clothes I have that wear out so fast. 
19. Terzo needs to be in prints big time. I need to work out scanning him asap...
20. I love reading, but I have the bad habit of only rereading my favorite books. 10 new books this year that I haven't read...any recommendations?
22. This goes along with promoting my Etsy better, I want to get involved with the crafting/Etsy community a lot more. 
23. Me and my procrastination habits need to be severed...especially with my art lessons! I'd love to be able to get a full night sleep the night before I teach, and be less anxious about them too. 

I'll do updates along the way as I try to knock out all 25 of these this year. Kind of a daunting list but here we go 25! 


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