Friday Feature: Gina Gomez

It's no surprise that I love Italy. Absolutely love Italy. So when I find an artist that documents Italy in a gorgeous way, naturally I'm going to love their work. This is the case with the photography by Gina Gomez.  She is not only a talented photographer, but she is also able to live the dream life and split her time between California and Italy and document stunning weddings and places along the way.

Her wedding and engagement photos are incredible, but it's her photos of Rome that make me swoon. One of the first things I fell in love with in Italy was the light. There's something about it that's so warm and so distinct to Italy. Whenever I try to make a photo there, it's so difficult to do a gorgeous country justice. But Gina's photos capture that light in the most amazing way. One look at any photo of hers and I'm immediately taken back to the country I love.

When researching her blog and website to pick photos for this post, it didn't take long before I had an entire folder filled with gorgeous pieces. Her wedding photos and ones from California are equally stunning! If you are a fellow Italophile or just love fantastic photography, I highly recommend giving Gina's work a look! (I'm also fairly addicted to her Instagram photos too!)


  1. love that couple on the bench...who wouldn't want to be wed in italia?

    1. I love that one too! She has so many gorgeous photos! Wedding in Italia would be pretty epic, being able to document them all the time would be pretty awesome too!


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