24 before 25 recap...

I'm turning 25 on Saturday. Whoa. This year has gone by incredibly fast and was filled with a lot of adventures/firsts/projects, and a surprisingly amount of progress on my 24 before 25 list. I wanted to do a recap of how my last list went before I post about my new one, 25 before 26! Eek! 

As anticipated, I didn't accomplish everything on my list which isn't necessarily a bad thing. The outcome of all of this definitely shows where my focus has been this past year...more than anything it's helped me figure out where I really want to succeed, rather than just taking care of the "fluff" goals. 

I also technically finished a lot of goals in ways I never expected. Looking at the results too is also helping me shape up my next list too. I've crossed out the ones I finished and have written some explanations about most of them. 

  1. Organize/Downsize: I think I stayed pretty organized this year, I had a giant room purge in January last year and have done a pretty decent job at staying downsized.
  2. Etsy shop into a business: This past year has been my most successful year of owning an Etsy shop! And I have high hopes (and plans) for this coming year...
  3. Blog more
  4. Save more money: I think I did alright on this one but it's not entirely successful, there's always more room in the bank account...
  5. Sketch more: I was able to fill an entire sketchbook in 6 weeks, check! 
  6. Network more: business cards, a full website, a facebook page, my products in actual stores! I also submitted my work to Craftgawker and other sites as well. I'm very happy to be able to cross this one off.
  7. Stop biting my nails: one year and going strong...
  8. Go back to ATX and mini roadtrips: I got to visit Texas last March, and Monterey soon after. Not as many mini roadtrips as I would have liked, but a trip to Italy made up for it! 
  9. Learn to play guitar: Didn't make time for this one, I'll try it again this year...
  10. Sew more: I did sew a lot more than I expected this year, and in odd ways. A lot of sewing on cards, and I did patch a pair of jeans up the other day! 
  11. Books into print: I can technically cross this one off, it's not exactly the mass printing I had hoped for but there is always this next year...
  12. Send books to publishers: I sent my lovelies away in October. Still no good news but I'm keeping my fingers crossed and preparing to send some more out soon. 
  13. Illustrate more: There were A LOT of illustrating project this year, between Lumen and my Etsy shop and commissions
  14. Keep art bubble clean: More or less...ish....half crossed out since there's always room for improvement...
  15. Write more children's books: Success
  16. Make an edition of 5 artist's books: Yes
  17. Start hand-printing: not what I expected but a half check nevertheless, I did have a lot of fun with it...
  18. Teach art lessons: Yes
  19. First skin tattoo: a bit prison style esche but yep.
  20. Surf more: aside from the guitar, this was my most neglected one. Means I was focused more on work but still a bit depressing I didn't surf as much as I had hoped.
  21. Don't lose my Italian:  Hooray! Somehow after 10 months in the states I didn't lose it. And it came back surprisingly quick when I went back to Italy in October. 
  22. Make pasta & focaccia: Half check! I cooked a lot of pasta this year but no focaccia unfortunately
  23. Write letters: I sent a lot of postcard from Italy, but those can't count. 
  24. Make more photographs: I made a lot of photos in Italy, and with my new addiction to Instagram that helped as well.
So overall, about 19.5/24...not too shabby. I'm really pleased with how many I accomplished this year, and I'm excited to see how this next year will progress too! 


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