Friday Feature: Marisa Redondo & River Luna

Flower Plant Watercolor Print
For today's Friday Feature I'd like to feature the art of Marisa Redondo, the artist behind one of my favorite Etsy shops: River Luna

I love pretty much every piece of art she has in her shop, and wish I had enough wall space/money to buy one of each. All of them are meticulously made and are all obviously made with a lot of care and love. I highly recommend perusing her shop.

I also love how she photographs her pieces for her shop. They're playful and wonderful. One of my new goals going on my list for this next year is to document my Etsy items better so I'm looking for inspiration from all my favorite Etsy makers. 

Nature Collection Painting
Cobar Feathers
Sticks & Lichen
Spirit Tree Rings
I'm also pretty envious of her work space. It looks so bright and inspiring!

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