threaded book edition

The edition of little books is complete! I'm rather pleased with how they turned out, considering their format changed  in one way or another about 3 or 4 times.

They were my first edition I've made since college! Eek! Nice to get back into that state of mind though, I had missed it.

They're made of watercolor paper, sewing thread, paper bags and ribbon.

Really simple materials, but pretty complex in their design...

They are a single accordion signature with three lines of stitching, one red and two white, from on end to the other. The signature isn't connected to the covers but rather slips into two pockets on the inside of the cover panels, making it so two pages are hidden from view until fully removed.

So the books can be read either as a normal book once untied or as a single long page once the signature is removed from the covers.

The pages slide out together and are completely separate from the covers... I left the books blank with the idea that their potential owner could personalize them and possibly leave a message for someone else on the pages hidden inside the cover pockets.

Three of the five will be for sale at The C Gallery and one will be on my Etsy shop (the last one I'm greedily keeping for myself!)

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