pearl snap earrings

I am so excited to post these little babies!

Pearl Snap earrings!

Made from my stash of legit pearl snaps for western button up shirts...the only kind of course but I'm pretty stoked that I found a new way to repurpose them.

I've always loved them on my shirts but now I can always wear them.

I've been wearing my pair constantly for the past few days while I got some more supplies to make a bunch more and got them properly photographed.

I've got a couple pairs for sale over in my Etsy shop if you would like to have your own beauteous pair!

I had so much fun making these, and the little cards they come on...too much fun...or too much free time...either way, I'm in love with these little guys.

I also made a few more cards from scraps for The C Gallery, just a little different from the last ones.

I'm going to whip up a few more and post them over on my Etsy too. Took forever to track down some plastic sleeves to keep them protected! I didn't want to buy a thousand online so it was difficult to find small batches of them at stores...oi vey...

Vabbè! Onto working on more Livi & Grace today! And plotting more scrap cards and earring colors. Hope you're enjoying this lovely summerish weather where ever you are.


  1. Hi Chelsea, stopping by from a pinterest link party Here's to Handy Andy. Those earrings are really pretty! And the cards with the stitching so nice!
    Greetings from Spain

    1. Hey Is! I'm glad you like the earrings! I really enjoy making them. I also like your African figure, very fun. Thanks for stopping by! (so jealous you are in Spain too, I love it there!)


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