lately & a birthday sale!

The crazy 2 weeks of running about has come to an end! I think this week I will actually be able to sleep more than 2 consecutive nights in my own bed. I've accomplished a lot these past 2 weeks but there's still an epicly long list to finish, not including my 24 before 25 list... 

One of the things I've been doing lately required spending some time in Venice Beach. It doesn't take much to get me down to Venice, it's such a fun and quirky little corner of Los Angeles. And I could spend hours cruising the canals and dream house shopping. I snapped these instacracks  while I was down in Venice, then the third atop a mountain above Santa Barbara while I was showing my friends around California. 

But I mentioned a BIRTHDAY SALE... with my 25th birthday fast approaching (13 days to be exact!), I wanted to celebrate with a sale in my Etsy shops! So right now you can use the code BIRTHDAY25 in BOTH of my Etsy shops and get 15% off your order! This excludes book and illustration commissions in the Notional Notions shop but there are plenty of other goodies and prints to use it on! 


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