IF: storm

It has been ages since I last sketched. The last time was probably when I was still working on/in Terzo. I've sketched for projects and commissions of course, but it's been awhile since I just sketched for myself and for the fun of it. I took a little time today to make a quick illustration for the Illustration Friday theme this week: storm. A play on the saying 'storm in a teacup,' now it's 'storm and a sea-monster in a teacup!'

I took a photo with Instacrack before I added color. Cant' decide which I like more. Either way, I'm pleased with this quickie illustration. 

There's a lot happening these days. Some fun commissions have come my way so I'm working on those, and trying to tackle/stay on top of my lessons. There's also a HUGE project in the works...like, life changing huge. Can't give any real details until it's all set in motion but this is looking to be a very good year! 


  1. Love your movement and sense of adventure in your "storm in a teacup"!

  2. This is great, I can almost hear the waves crashing and the sailors shouting!

  3. This is awesome! Not sure whether I like black and white or colour better, but what an imaginative drawing :)

    1. Thanks Sunae! I think I'm going to play around with it a bit more too!

  4. love this dynamic little teacup world! :)


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