Society 6...

I finally got a Society 6 account! I've been debating getting one for awhile but I finally took the plunge and got one this weekend. I'm slowly going to be phasing out the prints in my Etsy shop. I would much rather have my Notional Notions shop be dedicated solely to handmade books, earrings and illustrations. Plus, it's pretty cool to see my work on an Iphone case! I know it's probably an even harder market compared to Etsy but it's definitely worth a try.

I'm slowly adding/editing my existing work and, once I get it scanned, I plan on putting most of Terzo there as well. If nothing comes of this, I'll go back to the prints via Etsy shop. But for the time being, you can snatch up a Lovely Owl print or a Mandala Iphone Cover (my favorite!)

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