Valentine's Day card

It's no secret that I am a procrastinator...so it's no surprise I ended up making my Valentine's Day cards on the actual day. I've been seeing a lot of projects using masking fluid to block out letters and just recently I used white crayons to mask out hearts with my kiddos on their Valentines. But with no masking fluid on hand, the need to make a more grown up Valentine and time of the essence, I had to improvise...

Enter Mod Podge to save the day! It was a little tricky to write with it since I was writing it with a paint brush but it worked pretty well. Then I just had to let it dry all the way, add a wash of watercolor on top and stitch it to the card. I will definitely be experimenting more with writing in Mod Podge! 

I also decided to carve up a pencil eraser for a quick heart stamp. These are everywhere but somehow I had never tried making my own before. I used Esther's tutorial to make mine and they were really easy and gave the card/envelope a nice little graphic pop!

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  1. I Totally love these! I love the stitching, the Mod Podge and the heart stamps. What cool techniques. See, I'm a procrastinator, too with my heart project post on Valentines day...


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