V-Day: Heart Watercolor Cut-Out Card & Heart Strand

There are so many hearts floating around my art bubble right now! V-Day has never been my favorite holiday but I had to bring out my inner heart lover in order to figure out some projects for my kiddos this week! I'm actually surprised how easily they came out...really surprised...and I enjoyed making them...*gasp*

Either way, I'm doing my best to procrastinate less on my lessons (one of the reasons why I don't have a Friday Feature today...) I actually got these planned/made far enough in advance to take some photos while I was making them.  

I made 2.5 projects for my kiddos and these are the first 1.5. The first is a Watercolor/Cutout Heart Card for my 3rd graders, the remnants of that which actually led into another mini project too. The name is a little funky since I'm not really sure what to call it...there are a bunch of assorted steps involved and Snowflake Heart Card doesn't seem right....but I digress...

So, a Heart Watercolor Cut-Out card! 
First, you need a piece of watercolor paper and a piece of brown paper (paper bags would work too!) that are the same size. Ours were 7.5" x 15" so our final card was 7.5" x 7.5". Use a white crayon to draw out A LOT of mini hearts (no bigger than quarters) all over the watercolor paper. When that's done, use light washes of red and yellow watercolors and go over the entire paper until all the hearts are revealed. 
While that's drying, use scissors to cut hearts out of the brown paper that are significantly larger than the crayon hearts. The kids and I folded the paper randomly on the piece and cut out half a heart, so when it was unfolded you had a whole cut out heart. The kids and I actually called them heart snowflakes. Try to fit as many big hearts all over the brown paper that you can. 
 When you've cut out as many hearts as you can, glue the brown paper on top of the dried watercolor page, fold it in half and you have a card! 
On to the next project, a quick Strand of HeartsThis mini project was a result of all the cute brown paper hearts left over from making the card. All I did was poke holes through the round parts of each heart and thread some string through them. And you have a quick strand of hearts! Two projects in one! I'm going to post the last project over the weekend so stay tuned. 


  1. So cute! I love the resist painting. We will have to do that today! Thank you for sharing at our Pinteresting Party!

    1. They're really fun! I just figured out another way to resist paint with mod podge too! Thanks for stopping over and hosting the Party!


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