V-Day: Collage Heart Banner

As promised, here is the second Valentine's Day craft I made with my kiddos this week. This one was with my 1st graders. 

We have a ton of donated paper in our supply closet so I try to use that as much and as often as I can.

To make these, I traced out 8 hearts on a piece of heavy white paper. On the opposite side, I glued/collaged bits of assorted papers ALL over it until nearly all of it was covered and all the pieces were glued down flat. (This particular instruction was tricky to enforce with a dozen 1st graders but we made do.) I used lots of shiny and construction paper with tissue and graph paper on top for some more transparent layers. 

Then I cut out all the hearts and cut some ribbon, about 36" worth. To attach them to the ribbon, I glued two hearts together back to back with the ribbon in between them. I found that the banner hangs straighter if the ribbon is closer to the top of the hearts rather than in the dead center. The banner I made was only 4 hearts long but you could collage 2 pages and have twice as many hearts.  And that's it! Quick and easy collaged heart banner! 

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