Friday Finds

Annie Lang's Blue Bialetti
Been another whirlwind week. On top of all the normal crazies I've been house/teen sitting all week. The life of a soccer mom is pretty insane! I have a new found respect for all the mamas that tote their kids about to practices and games and school and back and forth and everywhere and everything else in between! 

Some of the stuff I've been working on this week has been pretty fun tho. I'm finishing up a lovely giant photo album, hoping to have it done by this weekend so I can make some photos of it and share it finally! I also volunteered to help make some decorations for my sister's school fundraiser. Paris shop scenes and fancy painted cursive signs, of course I'm adding that to the heap of things to do. 

I've gotten pretty slackerish with the Friday Features too (sorry!)...in lieu of a Friday Feature this week, I wanted to do a little round-up of some pretty snazzy things I've found around the interwebs this week:

  • I am in love with Annie Lang's bialetti illustration! She has a pretty whimsical Etsy shop too. 
  • My dear friend Alice Coles also just redid her website...she has some pretty snazzy stuff. Make sure you check out her watercolors, she's fantastic!
  • My little bud vases were featured on Fave Crafts Blog, woo hoo! 
  • Anybody a fan of the movie Garden State? The creator Zach Braff has a kickstarter to raise money for his next movie project, Wish I Was Here. I don't think there's any question as to if it will be funded, but it would be pretty awesome to say you had a hand in helping this film be made...
  • Kerry has one of the funniest food blogs I've ever seen...as well as one of the tastiest! His sfoglia recipe is my go to! He also just posted a recipe for a no-bake paleo chocolate cream pie...I'm not even doing paleo but I want this pie now! 
  • Three reasons to travel while you're young. Enough said. 
  • Ariele Alasko, the amazing woodworker/table maker extraordinaire I featured last year, just went to Italy. Needless to say I was swooning over her Instagram feed...
  • Remember Kitty and Buck, Shell's lovely blog that I sponsored last month? She just got back from Japan and is having a giveaway of some goodies she found there! Enter! It looks like an awesome spread! 
Have a lovely weekend! 


  1. congrats on your bud vase feature miss chelsea, and if i wish hard enough, can annie lang's illustration come to life so i can actually have a little espresso maker that stellar?

    1. Thanks lady! I'll be wishing right along with you! I'd love to not only have that print, have an espresso machine that snazzy but also have a cappuccino in my hands right now!

    2. Mary & Chelsea,
      I actually just bought a light blue "bialetti" from Anthropolgie and I am trying to figure out the best paint to use on it that won't deteriorate over time and more importantly be food safe! A real life espresso maker like my print might be something I would want to do down the line. :) I could also go for a cappuccino right now! :)

    3. I had no idea Anthropologie had them! Not sure about what paint to use either, since it has to be heat safe. Maybe check at a hardware store, they may have an idea! I would love to see the results once you do it!

  2. Oh geez, teen sitting?! That does sound chaotic!

    1. Haha yeah its pretty entertaining! good kids, just crazy schedules!

  3. Hi Chelsea,

    Thanks so much for sharing our link love post - we're so glad we found your project and could link to it in our roundup! Have a great day!

    1. Of course! Gotta reciprocate the sharing love :)


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