market prep & murals

To add to the summer mayhem, I'll be doing some markets. I have my first one on May 11 in Santa Barbara and there are a couple I still need to research and sign up for. I'm feverishly making cards and printing prints and making earrings. As well as plotting what I want my booths to look like! I really like the look of Amanda of Whit and Whistle's booth from a show she recently did. I love how simply she organized everything but still kept with the overall aesthetic of her work. 

It's hard to decide what I want my booth's appearance to be. I have watercolor accents on my shop banner and business cards which makes it pretty playful, but then I also use mandalas on my blog and website. I don't think they'd conflict too much when together but I want to make sure everything is cohesive. I'm hoping to stamp out a table cloth with my carvings and I have some baskets/containers ready that I've hoarded but I still need to figure out signs and such.

This past weekend was another 3rd Saturday Fest in Los Alamos. The theme this time was "farmers," so there was a mini Farmer's Market. I was able to test out some displaying ideas that I've had and test run some of the new goodies.  I love my green bottle collection with fresh flowers, and the little berry boxes I spruced up. I'd love to get my hands on some galvanized tin boxes or make my own wooden boxes out of old pallets. What do you think?
The mural this time was also farmer oriented too. It's pretty funny how the older ones are still pretty visible. The branch from my mural last month is still there, and the "contest" from last year just won't go away. I'm excited to do next months mural, but also curious to see what condition the canvas will be in. 

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