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How is it Friday already? These past few days have been a blur since we got back. Slowly getting back into productivity mode and out of Florida time zone. Luckily the schools I teach at are on spring break so I have some more time to get my own work done...huzzah!

  • Reading/Listening: I nerded out hard on the Florida trip. I powered through the audio book (first time for one of those...it was surprisingly good!) of World War Z by Max Brooks on the flight to Florida. Excellent book! Then keeping with the zombie theme, I knocked out part 1 of the Walking Dead compendium on the flight home. Now reading I Am Legend by Richard Matheson...I'm sensing a theme here...
  • Watching: Come Fly With Me. Another BBC show, and so addictive. It's a mockumentary on a fake airport and their employees/customers, all played by about 3 people. Hilarious (and available on Netflix!)
  • Inspired by: Daniela Volpari...she has such a fun style of illustration. 
  • Making: more carvings to print! Just over a month before my first little market...time to stock up! 
  • Wishing: I were better at managing my time...and that I had more of it...an on going dilemma...
Lovely and mysterious foggy mornings
Our sweet little warrior princess Xena (and notorious photo bombing cat) passed away last week...I'm going to miss her, especially her company during photo shoots. 
The flowers I put in my mini bud vases nearly 2 weeks ago sprouted more flowers!
Spring has arrived in Santa Barbara
A quick little chalk mural at the C Gallery!


  1. chelsea, these pictures are unreal--especially that top one! so sorry to hear about Xena but very excited for such big things on your horizon :)

    1. Thanks Mary! The fog up here is unreal...it can make for the creepiest and most moody looking morning then be gone in 5 minutes! I love photographing it.


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