adventures in Florida

Oh Florida, you are too much fun. We somehow managed to visit Universal Studios Island of Adventures and ALL the Disney World parks in only 2 days. It was pretty vicious moving so quickly but it was a ton of fun! 

It's also so fun to come home and see all these new faces and followers as a result of the giveaway at Kitty and Buck (which is still happening, enter here!!!) Hello new people! I hope you guys decide to stick around. 

So you may be wondering about this tattoo photo...this may be the best souvenir from my whole trip... the photo that is, not the tattoo...

On our third day in Florida, we went to visit Downtown Disney. We were wandering through the shops and I saw something out of the corner of my eye. I awkwardly circled the gal to get a full view and was dumbstruck. In the center of her back in all it's glory was this tattoo, a design I made almost a decade ago, back in the good 'ol High School and DeviantArt days.

I approached her, asked her where she got the design and explained that I was the artist behind it. Turns out she's from Brazil and found my design online years ago and loved it so much that she got it tattooed on her! This was followed by happy squeals on parties and hugs and introductions and photos and me being in shock the rest of the day. 

Guys...I found my tattoo design on the back of girl from BRAZIL when we were both in Florida at the same time. WHOA! I'm still shocked when I think about it. Shocked, stoked and so very happy.

Here's some other little bits from our trip. I didn't make as many photos this time around, we were moving a bit fast for that...
We started day one at Universal Studios and plowed through the park. In by 8, rode all the Harry Potter rides and a couple others then out by 9 and onto Epcot.
The aquariums at Epcot are so fun! I may still prefer the ones in Monterey but these ones also had manatees! 
Day 2 was another early day, as you can see. We started at Animal Kingdom, then quickly hit Hollywood Studios and ended at Magical Kingdom! 
This was by far one of the coolest firework shows I've ever seen! They did an entire show projected onto the castle! Definitely a must see!
Flying back home to California...I will never get sick of this view...


  1. You are shocked?? I am a hundred times shocked!!! hahahaha
    Look, it's my back on you blooog!! You did this a decade ago at high school times? Man, this is so amazing, I am so excited! (:

    "You found your tattoo design on the back of girl from BRAZIL when we were BOTH in FLORIDA at the same time"

    I still in shock too! It was really an amazing experience and you have a awesome work!
    Congrads on your art and you can be sure I will carry with me for the rest of my life!! lol

    1. Ha! Of course you're on my blog!!! I've been telling everyone about it! I am so happy to have met you and that you liked my design enough to have it tattooed on you! Hooray for chance meetings in Florida!!!

  2. woah, crazy fate that you two bumped into each other, and how flattering that your work was so appreciated it got permanently tattooed on a stranger in another hemisphere!

    1. Isn't it crazy?! It's still a little odd to believe even a couple weeks later...

  3. what an amazing tattoo story! it's a small world after all (sorry, I just had to) I love the photos above the clouds...I found you from the gotta have it blog hop.

    1. Ha that statement has never been more perfectly used than just now! Thanks for stopping by!


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