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Remember the Scribble Project I mentioned awhile back? I finally
did another one while I was hanging in Solvang one day last week. 
It's May...oi vey! Rhyme so very not intended...

The start of May marks a lot of things...4 months into my 25 before 26 list, 6 months since I last left Italy, 7 months since a very fortuitous meeting in Moscow, 1 month away from the summer insanity and only 9 days away from my first market. So very many things happening these days and only more coming! I have a something very special coming for the market that will hopefully arrive in time, plus I think I have my booth figured out now! Excitement! 

Anyways...lately it seems like the easiest way to keep track of all the happenings is via instagram. Here's the latest from my crazy little nook of world here in California.
Crostata di ricotta e fragole makes a comeback! 
Some little illustrated details from a giant photo album/book I'm binding for a little special someone.
The valley here can be so very pretty
Ravioli with ricotta, basil, sage and rosemary from scratch...red sauce from scratch not seen...also the other 153 ravioli not seen...longest and tastiest 7 hours of my life!
Found this sweet little guy hopping around on the ground! He was only about 2 inches long and hadn't figure out the whole flying thing yet
A quick little beach visit during the crazy soccer mom life last week


  1. That does it... I'm moving to CA so you can cook and draw for me. :)

    1. Haha let me know when you get here and I'll make some ravioli for the occasion! :)


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