an artful day

It's always a nice feeling when you have a fantastic day after a rather crappy one...or two in a row. Yesterday was completely exhausting, and the day before was just as crummy and wretched. Between misbehaving students and near misses on the road, this happy day was very much needed! There are three reasons why today was so lovely, and all of them are art related!

The first one being that I received a package for the market next Saturday. Guys...I have buttons!!!! I was originally thinking about getting stickers made until I saw the button option and I was sold. I had this batch made through Zazzle and I love them! They also got them done crazy fast...I put my order in Monday evening and got them this afternoon. Cute buttons in a 5 day turn around, Zazzle, you have me intrigued...

The second reason why today was a lovely artful day was because I got the flyer for another event I'm participating in later this month. They decided to use my Santa Chiara Revisit piece for the flyer! So excited! 

And the third reason that today was wonderful and artsy; I finished another commission and delivered the final piece today! My friend asked me to make an ocean themed photo album for her little son. I'm going to do a full post on this book probably over the weekend but here's a little peek of the cover (my favorite part of the book!)

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