a day in the sketchy life

The topic for the Blog Every Day Challenge today is: a day in the life, including photos throughout your typical day! 

I like this days topic a lot, but it is a little impossible for me to show a typical day. Some days are insanely boring...others are filled with crafting and rushing to meet deadlines and filling orders...others are dedicated to prep work and teaching and trying not to go insane. Some days can be really terrible...then others like today are awesome! 

Today I got to go to the gym, I had 2 orders on Etsy (one for my little sketchy notions buttons that I just listed this morning!), my students behaved and cranked out some awesome screen-prints and I had some time for a little thrifting because it was pay day! Now, did I document any of that? Gulp...no... I would have loved to snap some photos of the kiddos printing but having only 30 minutes to supervise and try to instruct nine middle schoolers screen-printing is HARD! Plus my phone would have been covered in 5 different colors of ink so negatory on the photos every hour today. I had every intention of doing a photo an hour this past Saturday at the art market, but after hour 3 of sitting around with nothing happening in the very pretty parking lot, I gave up on that idea. 

Plus, I'm not sure how interesting most of my day would be to any of you out there. It really is impossible to give you an accurate look at a typical day, because the only predictable thing about my days is how random they can be! One minute I'm watercoloring and putting together a contributor DIY post, the next I'm homeschooling and proof-reading depositions. So instead, I'll give a glimpse at some highlights from the past week! 
 photo c47c7e30ba3a11e299a722000a9d0ee0_7_zps088f3edc.jpg
This one is from the morning of the market. I couldn't sleep so I was up before 6 and was able to admire the morning fog
 photo 3bc162beba5211e2996b22000aaa21dc_7_zpsa5c9d7f4.jpg
6:59 am leaving for the market! 
 photo fb391624ba9c11e28e0922000a9f1335_7_zps9c65c309.jpg
Remember when I mentioned I was in a cell phone photo show at the C Gallery? My Lucca Chess Men and the Piazza San Michelle after a storm both made it into the show!
 photo 46589ba0bc2a11e2b71122000a9e28e1_7_zps62125536.jpg
It's been about 4 years since I first went to Italy to study abroad. I've been looking through old photos and making some small watercolors for a sketching event I'll be at this weekend! These are of Florence, Venice and the Pantheon in Rome. 
 photo ff5d6a86bd8811e2bc0822000a1f9737_7_zps65247211.jpg
Packaging up my little button! It is en-route to its new home now...
 photo 195a81f6bdbd11e2a58122000a9d0ed5_7_zpsae5a40b6.jpg
Even more little watercolors! Siena, Rome and two of Castiglion Fiorentino.

Edit: not sure how I managed to forget this last  photo but I had to make sure I shared it! 
 photo 2f24812cbcd111e2bad822000a9f3047_7_zps0147ea4d.jpg
White Peach Tart! 


  1. Gorgeous watercolours! And those photos are stunning! I love the morning sun on the gravel road.

    1. Thanks Jane! I can't stop making them! And waking up so early has its perks :)

  2. i *love* the first two pictures. where you live is gorgeous!!

    1. Aw thank you! It's pretty pretty here! Reminds me of Tuscany in a lot of spots :)

  3. chelsea, those top two shots are insanely gorgeous!

    1. Thanks Mary! It's easy to make a pretty photo here when it's already so freakin gorgeous!


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