San Juan, Puerto Rico

Hola amigos! Greetings from Puerto Rico! I got to San Juan on Friday but it already feels like I've been here a week. We've been doing the touristy thing all weekend but now we both have to get some work done. Which isn't all bad, the views make the work a lot easier to tackle!

On Saturday we cruised through old San Juan and checked out the fort. San Juan is a pretty cool city. It has a very old Europe vibe...it reminds me of Barcelona, Sorrento and Burano all at once. And the streets! Oh don't get me started on the streets...most of the streets in the older part of the city are paved in glazed blue bricks! I swoon! I've been kicking at ones that look loose hoping I'll get lucky and find one that wants to come home with me...
 photo IMG_1941800x598_zps63c15bae.jpg  photo IMG_1937800x598_zps24338536.jpg 
 photo IMG_1940800x598_zpsbaece38c.jpg
I'm in love with all the differently colored building fronts here! Every store front and home is painted a different bright color! It's pretty amazing. If I didn't sunburn so easily, I'd post up on every sidewalk all day and just watercolor all these buildings. I've found a couple tiled fronts too...they're pretty gorgeous. These first doors may be my favorite. I would love to have my house decorated with this color scheme one day...
 photo IMG_1952800x598_zps85999046.jpg  photo IMG_1951800x595_zps46f099d9.jpg  photo IMG_1953800x596_zps69904bf7.jpg  photo IMG_1959800x598_zps270c63e0.jpg  photo IMG_1960800x598_zps650d02ea.jpg  photo IMG_1962800x597_zpsd3daf8ec.jpg We also stumbled into the smallest, most crowded antique shop I've ever seen! We found the widest assortment of random things...everything from outdated travel guides of Europe, Vietnam protest buttons, Elvis postcards and a pretty extensive collection of 80's vinyl. 
 photo IMG_1958800x598_zps10278ad4.jpg  photo IMG_1957800x598_zpsb0e34126.jpg

So far, I'm loving Puerto Rico. I wasn't sure what to expect of this place. It's an odd country to visit since it is a combination of a lot of things. It has an old world vibe to it and a lot of history, plus a tropical island getaway feel but it's also a US territory so it's very American and familiar here too. I swear, I've seen more Subways and Starbucks within a couple miles around the hotel than I have in all of Santa Barbara! It's strange... I feel like a tourist with the language barrier but then on every block there's all the convenience and familiarity of living in California. Very strange...

We spent Sunday exploring the El Yunque National Forest, something very new for me! Hiking in the rain forest was incredible! I'll post those photos soon. It's time get to work on some wine label and photo album commissions. But here's one last photo...I can't get enough of these doors! 


  1. beautiful shots chelsea, and an exciting trip for sure! the few opportunities i've had to travel internationally (and please, please, let there be more for me!) i'm always surprised, and sometimes a little saddened, by how much American culture has infultrated the society in some way. its always a harsh juxtaposition between the real culture of the country with a western starbucks thrown in the middle...

    1. It is really disappointing to see it. It's especially frustrating to see what exactly is infiltrating too...Starbucks, Walmart and Subways? Tasty and useful yes but not exactly the best ambassadors I would pick to infiltrate other countries. It definitely makes for a sharp contrast when you're driving to the rain forest and you see a Krispy Kreme along the way...


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