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Is anyone else kinda freaking out that it's already December? Christmas will be here in no time, then the New Year, then my birthday and Etsy shop anniversary! It will be my golden birthday (turning 26 on the 26th) so expect some sweet sales and giveaways! And then Valentine's Day...if making Christmas stuff on Halloween felt strange, I'm sure making heartsy stuff on New Years will feel just as weird!

Speaking of sales, it's Cyber Monday! Today only, I upped the ante on the discounts! If you use the code MONDAY20 you can get 20% off in both the Sketchy Notions and Notional Notions Etsy shops! There's no minimum order today but the coupon won't work on custom orders. So stock up on some hand-printed wrapping paper, Pearl Snap earrings, travel postcards and Holiday card specials

Here's a peek at what's been happening this past month according to Instagram...
1. Last month I had my first Holiday market in Santa Barbara at Monte Vista! It was really fun decorating and trying out some new booth arrangements. It went surprisingly well too! I had an awesome booth slave helper who kept me going and on top of everything all day! I really have some awesome friends. 
2. I don't think I've shared a photo of these babies on here yet but I started making some little Holiday gift tags. Aren't they cute? I think they look great with my hand-printed wrapping paper but I might be a bit biased...
3. I've been getting ready for my next market, a Holiday Open House at Koehler Winery. It's such a pretty spot here in the valley! I've been cranking out vineyard watercolors like a fiend but it's no easy task.
4. Not sure why it took me so long to carve up a stamp just for me! But I finally did! It looks pretty snazzy stamped across packages.
5. My family and I had an early Thanksgiving down in San Diego with my sister. I haven't spent much time down in San Diego before but I'd like to!
6. Remember these little books? They both found new homes! I love when my little books find new homes, it always feels like I'm sending my baby off to college or something...
7. I even made some little pouches to keep them safe! Make me want to sew up some printed scarves...
8. I'm still in love with these Thank You cards. I wish I could send one to all of you sweet readers and clients and followers. You make the hard days and long to-do lists so much easier! 

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  1. those cards are so cute! and I'm definitely heading over to enter the giveaway! :)


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