Brittany & Brad's Wedding/Honeymoon Album

I have been waiting to share this project for months...MONTHS! It was by far the largest commission I have received and, hands down, the sweetest thing I have ever been asked to create. I have received sweet commissions before but this was beyond words...

Brad contacted me way back in September with a special gift in mind for his soon-to-be wife. They would be married in December and he wanted to have a sort of journal/album to give to Brittany on their honeymoon. It would have illustrations and details inside spanning their dating, proposal and wedding with a lot of space at the end for photos and notes of their honeymoon and early days of marriage. Wow, just wow!

In the end, this album was huge: 13 signatures and 104 pages front and back, with a faux leather cover and velvety drawstring pouch to keep it safe. We filled it with illustrations of their special moments, inside jokes, engagement photos, invitations, their church for the wedding, maps of the Caribbean for the honeymoon and so much more. It was such a huge undertaking and it was so hard not to share the progress! Here's a peek at the album and there are more photos on my website.


  1. I can only imagine how special this is to them! And you must feel so accomplished for such a huge project - I'm so inspired!!

  2. Awww this is so special and lovely!

  3. Wow! This is so beautiful. What a lovely memento. That husband is a sweet guy. :)


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