chalk art at Avant

This week I'm technically on spring break! Technically because all the schools I teach at are on break so I don't have any scheduled art lessons. This is great because it gives me full days to work on my own projects and even take a little time for myself. 

Yesterday I spent a couple hours at Avant Tapas & Wine in Buellton drawing on their chalk wall. A good friend gave them my number and they asked if I'd like to come by and have at it! I've done giant chalk murals before on the side of the C Gallery but I wanted to try something a little different this time. I had so much fun drawing this beast out, definitely a nice break from all the intricate and small watercolors I've been making lately. So this may be the only break like thing I do this week, but at least it was an artistic break!  


  1. when i saw your little snips on instagram i knew it was going to be beautiful, but wow! GIRL THIS IS STUNNING! did you use regular chalk or pens?

    1. Thanks Amy! Ahh it was so much fun! I haven't made a giant text piece before so this was fun and new. It was all done with just regular old chalk! They had a couple massive boxes of colored Crayola chalks too which was fun.

  2. Chelsea, this is gorgeous! Absolutely perfect. I'm glad you got your name in there too. :)


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