Michele & Reneé's Tuscan Wedding Album

I think a lot of girls that study abroad in Italy have had a day dream once or twice (all the bloody time) of having a picturesque Tuscan wedding. In an old church tucked in an old town, celebrating in a villa surrounded by vineyards, with wedding photos complete with rolling green hills. Oh yes...that is a beautiful daydream...

It's a little crazy to actually know someone who has had that dream Tuscan wedding. Meet Reneé and Michele. Michele and I became friends a couple years ago during my internship at the study abroad center in Castiglion Fiorentino. Not long after, Reneé was studying abroad at the same center and met Michele. The rest is pretty romantic as you may guess. 

So when Reneé asked me to create a custom wedding album for their insanely gorgeous photos, I had to say yes. The photos were unreal! Their photographer Taylor Abeel did an amazing job at capturing the special day. This project was pretty unreal too, having piles of gorgeous photos to work with and the sweetest couple to collaborate with.  It may be the closest I get to a dreamy Tuscany wedding, but it was definitely the dream wedding album project to be a part of! Here's a peek and you can see more photos on my website.


  1. gah - these might be one of my favorite things you create!

  2. sweet memory of wedding day in album was so good and thanks for free wedding planner ipad app

  3. Oh my god! This Tuscan wedding album is ravishing. Thank you very much for sharing these photos here. We too hired a talented photographer for our outdoor wedding at a local event venue. He did a great work on my vintage themed wedding album.


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