bits & pieces of April

May Day! Hooray! Well, maybe not hooray...now that May is here, I have less than a month and a half to finish up everything before I take off to Italy. There's so much to do that it's paralyzing. Oi vey. While I jump back to work, here's a peek at all the business that happened this past month via Instagram... a lot happened so prepare for a lot of photos! 

1. April somehow ended up being the month of chalk art! I had so many random chalk art projects come my way, it was a nice change from my normal watercolor routine. 
2. On top of the mural I did at Avant, I started making the wedding chalk signs for a friend's wedding! These are less than half...
3. I made a quick trip out to Palmdale to teach art in my former Kindergarten teacher's 2nd grade class! So much fun! Such sweet kiddos! This is from out by the poppy reservation waaay out there. 
4. My grandpa lives out in that area too so I got to stop and see him. His stories of racing and stunt driving are pretty epic...

5. I added a couple new watercolor originals to the Etsy shop this month, including this one of the Pantheon in Rome
6. Spring is so pretty here in the valley, it's insane! This was up one of my favorite backroads the other day. 
7. It has been ages since I added any new designs to the Society 6 shop, so I finally uploaded a couple new mandalas! Did you know they have rugs now?
8. I was lucky enough to win this amazing vintage fabric pouch from Bird Trouble this month! You should really check out Alexz's shop, she has some amazing creations. And her packaging is incredible! 

9. My aunt found this photo from my first go-kart race. Long time ago now...
10. I found this enormous feather this past week, so happy to have stumbled onto it before it blew away...
11. I made a Tres Leches cake that was ridiculously tasty! I used a recipe by the Pioneer Woman and it was amazing! Even better was adding the leftover milk mixture to our coffee the next morning. YUM. 
12. I added a new Mother's Day mandala card to the shop! There's also a special for a card and a pair of earrings too! 

Anyone else counting down to summer? Or an exotic trip coming up? 


  1. Those wedding signs are so amazing! I wish I'd had something that cute for my signs! I am so impressed with your mad skills! ;)

  2. loving all of your creativity friend!!


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