easy Mother's Day frame DIY

Yes, I know Mother's Day was a few days ago. And no, I did not forget Mother's Day either (luckily). I'm just a little behind on updating after such a hectic weekend. On Sunday, I worked a craft table at a Mother's Day Picnic at a local restaurant in Los Olivos. We were told to come prepared to make crafts with about 70 kiddos from 11-4. Oofa! They had a photo booth so I was in charge of making frames to go with them. Then I came home and proceeded to move two couches then make 150 tortelloni! Double oofa...

Overall the day was lovely! Albeit I had to give my Mum her frame then snatch it back to take to the event as an example. But we had gorgeous weather, lots of sweet kiddos and killer food. Even the singer Pink showed up that day with her daughter! I got to craft with Pink! 

These frames were really easy to make and I actually got pretty much all the supplies at the local hardware store. Our hardware store is a magical place. This would be a super cute project for a kiddo birthday party, or even just a quick Father's Day present. To make these, you'll need:
  • foam board, cut down to 6" x 8"
  • a 4"x 6"photo
  • Foil tape
  • paper doilies
  • tissue paper
  • magnet tape or strips (if you'd like to stick it on the fridge)
  • glue stick
  • scissors
  • small stones or buttons

1. After your foam board is cut to size, glue your photo in the middle of the board. 

2. Cut strips of foil tape, roughly as long as each side (so you'll need two 6" strips and two 8" strips). 

3. Peel the backs off of the tape and carefully tape them to the frame so the tape overlaps the photo by about 1/4" - 1/2". (Ignore the weird lady that accidentally photo-bombed our shot!)

4. Fold the excess tape over the edges and to the back of the frame. You can do this as you are taping the strips on too. 

5. Cut chunks of doilies for the sides of the frame and glue them on. I found it best to put the glue on the frame first then the doily on top so the paper wouldn't rip. If the doilies are larger that the frame edge, fold and glue them to the back like the tape!

6. Cut the tissue paper into circles and fold them into petals or just layer them to make a flower! Glue the stones or button in the middle of the flower. 

7. Cut a few pieces of magnet tape (depending on the strength of the magnet) and stick it on the back of the frame. 

8. Voila! Wrap it up all cute and give it to Mom! Stick it on the fridge or just let it hang out on her desk.

Notes: When making these for a lot of kiddos outside in the wind, it ended up being easier to add the foil tape to the frame first then glue the photo on top. Much easier than trying to tape 50+ frames in the wind! 

Do you love handmade gifts too? Did you receive a particularly cute handmade gift for Mother's Day this year?


  1. Love! What a great idea. Pinned. :)

    1. Ahh very delayed thank you, so THANK YOU! So sweet that such a crafty lady like yourself would pin it, I'm flattered :)

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    1. Aww Sandy! You are so sweet! Thank you! I'm terrible about checking my comments! You just made my day sweet lady :)


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