Hello there! Things are picking up steam here which means blogging has been pushed to the back burner unfortunately. On the bright side though, once I get through the next 19 (!!!) days of custom work, a full week of summer art lessons (9-12 then 1-4 for 5 days, oofah...) about 48 hours of flying from Los Angeles to New York to Dublin to Rome, I'll be posting lovely photos from my favorite walls and some sketches in Quarto! I can't wait to be on these walls again...

Speaking of Quarto, I started cutting and folding paper for that beast last night. The next Terzo is almost here! Can't wait to fill every page! I may be getting a bit ambitious with pages...so far I have about 80 pages in it, half of them watercolor paper. We shall see how I do this time around. 

I wish I could share all the commissions I've been working on but alas, surprises must be saved. I mailed off a big beautiful and unique custom "children's book" beast to Canada last week. I can't wait to share that project, it may rival the travel wedding album I made in December. Remember that beauty? This new one may have brought a tear or two to my eye back when the commission first came in. Yeah, it's that sweet...here's a little peek! 

Some news for the shops too! Once I get back to Italy, I'm going to simplify both my Etsy shop and the Sketchy Notions. I can't exactly print and mail out prints and such outside of my little bubble sadly. I am contemplating a couple listings for original watercolor postcards mailed from Lucca. Thoughts? I will still keep the listings for custom commissions up but with stipulations (no rush orders unless you really want to pay 70 for shipping!) I will probably also do a quick shop sale to empty them out before I leave so be on the lookout for that! 

Other than that, there's not much to share in these parts! Here's a peek at the two of the three commissions I have on my table at the moment, a very special custom children's book and a travel photo album (my favorite!). Found some more little succulent clippings over the weekend too...Hi, my name is Chelsea. And I'm a crazy succulent lady. 

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  1. girl look at you GO! dang....you are one busy lady! (also i'm jealous...uh ROME!)
    can't wait to see what all this will inspire you to create!


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