Adrian's Big Adventure...twice!

Hello friends! Holiday prep mode is in full swing here in the Sketchy Notions studios, which typically results in another "long time, no blog" post. I'm also still pretty far behind in sharing my recent projects. So far behind that they're no longer the most recent projects...

And so, here is a peek behind a pair of books that I made earlier this year. A pair of TWIN custom children's books! These two were quite the challenge to make but I'm very pleased with how they turned out. 

Holly approached me with a story that her father wrote about her two little boys. She wanted to have the story bound and illustrated for his birthday. And...a second copy for the boys to have. This commission resulted in my first ever clone book! 

Once each illustration was finished, I then scanned, edited and printed the illustration with the text. And voila! Two nearly identical custom children's books. *scissor drop* (because I'm a nerd and won't go anywhere near a microphone...)

These two were such a challenge but it was a great, satisfying feeling to send them both off to loving new homes! There are a few more photos over on my website as well if you're curious to see more. 

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