Postcards from Penny & Lane

After wrapping up my 2015 weekly project, Weekly Postcard Love, I wanted to try another weekly project for 2016. I loved mailing postcards all over the world but this year I wanted to try something a bit different.

As Sketchy has grown bigger and bigger, I've found less and less time to create for myself. Especially my children's books. In order to remedy this, I've decided to create a children's book this year and share a new page every week on Instagram. 

Meet Penny, a spunky little red-head, and her pet hedgehog, Lane! Each week, they visit a new place in the world and send a postcard home to YOU! I more or less have their itinerary planned out for the year but I'm sure I'll tweak it along the way (I'm not sure I'll only be able to paint just ONE postcard from Italy).

I might even try to do a Kickstarter this year to fund turning it into a real book at the end of the year. Or just print it in small batches myself. 

So far, they've visited Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and Japan! If you're curious to follow along with their adventures and read the postcards, you can find them on Instagram under the hashtag #PostcardsfromPennyandLane! I'll also be posting them all on my website soon. 

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