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Hi friends! Long time no blog, I know. Things are busy as you may expect. LOTS of new projects and collaborations are brewing and I'm terribly behind on sharing all my recent work too. 

When things get crazy, Instagram seems to be the easiest way to share what I'm making or where I'm heading. I also recently got a Snapchat account! (If you're a Snapchat user, my account is @sketchynotions). I'm still learning how to make the most of it but, in the meantime, I'm having fun using it. 

I'm also behind on a newsletter update! As an apology, I'm adding a FREE PRINT download to the next one. If you're not signed up, here ya go

So! here's a little glimpse at what's been happening lately. I'll do my best to get a proper update up soon. 

1. I took a trip out to Texas last weekend! My dear friend got married north of Dallas so we had a mini Italy reunion. This photo was in McKinney, Texas. I LOVE this brick wall! 

2. Some new Spring card and print designs are in the works too! I got a lot of sketching done on the flight to Dallas so you should see those in the shops pretty soon. 

3. I've started staging color photos in the art bubble. Just little collections of things I have around by color. So far I've made green, blue and yellow photos. 

4. So...I have this little unicorn. It's a long story but the gist is my two friends and I take turns taking photos of this little Despicable Me unicorn! He has his own Instagram account too: @smallunicornbigworld

4. I did a couple nursery murals recently. And I LOVE how they turned out! This was for a sweet little baby girl. 

5. THIS BEAST! Ah! I've done a few commissions for this couple before and every single one becomes my new favorite. This was a giant watercolor for their 2nd wedding anniversary. We used a thick cotton paper as a compromise for the traditional cotton gift. 

6. I've had Italy on the brain a lot (see below) and I made a few teeny tiny watercolors! They're over in the Etsy shop if you'd like to call one yours. 

7. This is probably the biggest news of the year! My art friend Christi and I have been planning and we're so excited to be hosting our first (of hopefully many) Bellissima Italy Retreats! We will be spending a week in Florence in a gorgeous apartment, painting and sketching through town. There will be cooking classes, wine, day trips and more! It's going to be amazing and I can't wait to get back over there! 

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