Tracey's Expanding Indigo Wedding Guestbook

This big, blue, beautiful beast was such a challenge but I love the outcome of it SO very much. 

Tracey needed a big, dip-dyed indigo book to use as a guestbook for her wedding. They were planning on having their guests add Polaroid photos to it from the ceremony and therefore needed a book that could expand as the pages were filled with photos. 

We also dip-dyed the edges of the pages which was a GORGEOUS effect. Blue ombre covers, blue spine and just a touch of blue inside. 

I also incorporated some vintage Mother-of-Pearl buttons that belonged to my Grandma. Something blue and something old all in one spot! 

It's been a LONG time (about 8 years when I was taking my first Bookbinding class in college) since I last did a concertina binding, or an expanding spine. I was such a challenge but it was a nice change from my usual coptic stitch. 

I was pretty enamored with the final product too. When it was all done, I couldn't help just flipping through it and playing with the expanding spine. It was such a departure from my usual wedding guestbook commissions and stepping back from it when it was all done was just such a nice, satisfying feeling. 

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  1. I have never seen anything like it.

    It looks great though.



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