7 Deadly Sins

This semester in my Artist's Books class I was assigned to make an edition of 5 books. I decided to use my prints I made of the Seven Deadly Sins that I used in another book project (this one needs to be properly documented still)...

But here they are! And ofcourse, my camera's batteries died during all my excitement... so as soon as I get new batteries I'll properly document and post photos. These are just teaser photos I guess...

I used a Caterpillar stitch (but I think it resembles a Centipede more)...

This is my little 'Greed'


children, beasties and sad little flowers

Every semester in Lithography we have a themed book project. Last semesters was "Phobi-ology" (I used Cyprianophobia- fear of hookers). As fun as that was, this semester I was a little more PG. The semester's theme was "Opposology." My contributions to the book were these little prints.

The first two are imaginary versus reality... little imaginary beasties and their child actualities...the little beasties were my favorite to make. Both the kids and creatures are 3 runs of blend rolls.

These next ones were more of a Yes/No..."He loves me..."
And it's sad opposite...

These last two flower ones were inspired by this quote I stumbled upon...
"You put so much pressure on the even-numbered petalled flowers. It's not their fault he doesn't love you."

These final two prints were from the previous semester that I mentioned. 


anche più Italia!

The end of the semester craziness has arrived! Hopefully I'll get some scans of my stuff when it lets up a bit...
Until then, here's some more of my sketches from this summer in Italy...

8 hour layover in Canada!

Word nonsense, 1st cappucino and a brick tunnel

View from our studio

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photo nonsense

Since I am currently unable to access a scanner to get decent pictures of my recent and older book project and prints I figured I'd put up some of my photography. Some are rather old and some a rather recent...regardless, they're already on my computer and therefore get put up!

A few are from when I took darkroom photography.


The cousin and the sister.

The grandparents


a little of Little Betsy

Little Betsy is a book project I've been working on this project for almost a year now. And it is finally finished. I'm absolutely in love with her and this book. It has taken soooo many hours to complete and get just right...

The book pages stack up neatly when folded up right and fit into a little box. Finally got to use my blue denim paper.

[more photos and inside the box after the jump...]


here goes nothing (here comes everything!)

Ok. Here it goes.

I've been plotting getting a blog for my artwork for quite some time...and now I've finally gotten around to making it happen! So we shall see how this endeavor goes...especially since I have no real experience with blogging...oi vey...

On to business!

This past summer I was able to spend 6 weeks studying art in Italy. During my time there I worked on making as many sketches and watercolors as I could. These are some of my favorite ones...
View of Florence from San Miniato

Part of our courtyard at our home in Castiglion Fiorentino

Inside our classroom and the alley outside our studio


A monastery in Florence

Ivy in our courtyard

View of the main center of town

The cathedral's tower

The Roman Forum

The local cathedral

Bernini's Apollo and Daphne

An alley around town

Up at the Loggia in town

Our courtyard at Santa Chiara

Another alley around town

There's a lot more than these few...they may show up on here some time soon....

So that is that. More coming soon! Ciao.