holiday bits & pieces

Hello again! The Holiday season is nearly over, and I'm so relieved. We had a fantastic trip to Florida for Christmas but unfortunately all came home with some form of ailment. So an end to the holiday season means we can all just hermit away into our beds and hide from the world. Love it. 

I'll be editing photos of the two books I finished right before Florida, as well as getting new projects documented. Time to start working on a 25 before 26 list too. And reworking the website, and blog too I think.  It's time for some changes. Lots to do! 

Edit: I got inspired after posting this and got a jump start on the blog changes. Like the new banner?

Here's some bits and pieces from instacracky I made while in Florida. Such a pretty and strange state. I can officially say I've eaten alligator! We managed to hit all four Disney World parks and Islands of Adventure at Universal on Christmas day! Loads of fun. Now we are all exhausted and crawling back into bed to catch up on shows...my newest addiction: the Walking Dead. Speaking of which...season 3 is beckoning...

Walt Disney World! We lucked out on weather big time. 
A very curious tiger at the Animal Kingdom

And a very rude giraffe...
Inside the Hogwart's castle at Universal Studios! Butterbeer is my new love...
We did a quick trip to Epcot to check out their firework show. 
We were also able to visit some friends in Florida who live on this lovely tiny lake. Florida is a really lovely place. 


  1. Love your photos of Disney World! I've only managed to visit Disneyland as of yet, but the east coast has always been on my list.

    1. Thanks Ashley! This was our first trip to Disney World, it was definitely very different compared to the Land. Both are awesome tho!


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