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I'm a little late to blog today...by little I mean a lot. I had a lovely weekend making another mural at the C Gallery on Saturday, selling some watercolors at a wine event Sunday and hanging with the boy Monday. Then today I helped some 1st graders do a sidewalk mural! It has been a busy and art filled weekend...the best kind if you ask me. 

As a result, I'm blogging for the Every Day in May challenge at 11:15 at night. I liked Sunday's topic too so I'm going to do a combo post since it's all about favorites! Sunday: your favorite blogs and why, & Tuesday: your favorite posts in your archives. 

First up, my favorite blogs! I have so many favorite blogs. Really, my Bloglovin' feed is out of hand. But I can't help it! It took a little work but I narrowed down my favorites a bit...

  • F*yeah, Book Arts! has such a great collection of artist books, tutorials and more. The first time I found them I spent days clicking back through the archives. 
  • Julie Ann Art is a recent find but a huge favorite. Her blog is so inspiring! Slowly working to join her ranks of living solely off of creating. 
  • Design Sponge is probably on most artsy people's favorite list. If it's not already on yours, get to it now! They really have the best collection of art, design, crafts and just overall inspiration.
  • A Beautiful Mess is another no-brainer that everyone should have on their blog feed
  • The sketching backpacker puts Terzo to shame...seriously...he's incredible...
  • Warm Pears by Gina Gomez makes me so homesick for Italy. Every time I look at her photos I fall in love with that country all over again. 
  • Silly Grrl is another new love but she's pretty awesome! All the new blog tweaks? Yeaaah they're all thanks to here awesome tips and tricks!
  • Kitty and Buck is such a lovely blog! Kitty is such a sweet lady and she has the greatest photos, outfits and pretty much everything! 
  • Yum and Yummer is full of tasty recipes and snarky commentary. For the win. 
Some of my favorite blog posts:
I really love this post on all the paper bag projects I made! I still have a mountain of bags waiting to be turned into envelopes, baskets and notebooks!
This doily purse DIY is still one of my favorites, probably because I use the purse so frequently still! Hooray for Mod Podge and it's ability to withstand a beating from the daily life of Chelsea! 
I talk about Terzo a lot on here but this post was not only my first blog post but it was also full of my sketches the first time I went to Italy. I still love flipping through that old sketchbook. 

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