paper bag details

I love objects. Always have, always will. I love arrangements of objects too. And I love small objects. Re-purposing found objects is always a joy too. And above all, I love practical objects. Now if it's any combination of small, practical and re-purposed, yeaaa I probably really love it. 

This may be why my room and art bubble are littered with tiny vintage bottles housing pearl snaps, espresso cups holding pins and buttons, dinosaurs as succulent planters, porcelain unicorns and three-headed dogs carrying necklaces and watches, and many versions of re-purposed paper bag parts.

My continuing fascination with up-cycling our household's mountains of paper bags has proved fruitful once again! So far, I've found uses for the handles via small woven baskets (tutorial to come soon, since summer is coming and I must teach small children in a well-versed and easily understandable manner....oh dear.)

The large side panels have found new homes through paper bag folders, oil pasteled book covers for my kiddos (another one coming...), and most recently, as my new shipping envelopes for my Etsy items! SCORE! I'd been wanting to use handmade envelopes for a while and after reading this post from KristanLynn over at adelynStone (complete with free envelope template!!!) the inner computer nerd in me woke up. After editing and tweaking, I'm finally happy and stoked with my new envelopes.

After the handles and large sides from the bag leaves the base and skinny side panels -- which I'm happy to say have also found a new home...as a small and practical object nonetheless! When cut down, the narrow side panels are the perfect size to make mini notebooks! With the crease already in the center, all that's left to do is cut them down to size and bind them up! Another one to post about asap this week  (EDIT! The DIY is UP! Here!). Luckily, they're super easy to make to. 

So this just leaves the base of the folders...which I'm at a loss of what to do with them, other than turn them into compost. We'll see if they find their way into the art bubble as another up-cycled, little object...


  1. adorable! i love your attitude about reusing and recycling :)

    1. Hey there! Thanks! This addiction has been slowly growing, glad it's finally producing some fun things! Thanks for stopping by :)


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