bits & pieces of February

Geez...is anyone else happy that February is finally over? It may be a short month, but it's a brutal month! There was so much crammed into such a tiny month that much has over-flowed into March. This month has definitely started with a bang! 

We've been on leak duty at our house the past 72 hours with all the rain that finally showed up! I love a good rain storm...if you follow me on twitter you already know I've been cranking out the work with Otis Redding as my background. With (many) sides of dirty chai, this has been one productive weekend and start to March! Here's a peek at what's been happening around the art bubble via instagram.

1. I was on a big stitched artist book kick! I'm plotting a couple more but this sweet little stitched "Hi" book is still in the Etsy shop...
2. My dear friend and I went succulent shopping! A couple little ones (including this fatty that was much too big for his pot) came home with me as birthday presents! 
3. We've been practicing Shibori and Indigo dyeing for a project with my little sister's class. If all goes according to plan, we will be making an Indigo Shibori strip quilt! My hands were victim to leaky gloves this day...
4. My 5th graders and I made dream catchers in my collage class one day. Would you ever guess that the round part is made from the lid of a pint of ice cream?

5. I've been working on a small spring card collection! If the weather behaves and I can make photos tomorrow, it will launch Monday or Tuesday! I also started printing my favorite Santa Chiara sketch for the Sketchy Notions shop
6. Last weekend, my sister and some of her friends took to the corner in Los Olivos for some street performing. It was a surprisingly profitable afternoon for them! 
7. In keeping with my list of goals for the year, I've been working on just taking mini sketching breaks for myself. Each of the little pieces is only a few inches large and took about 15-20 minutes, the perfect sketch break. 
8. It's a shame this photo turned out so grainy blown up...either way, it was the perfectly gloomy day in my room the other morning. Perfect for staying in bed and drinking tea and listening to records...alas, my to-do list was too long to stay in bed for long. 

Are you happy that it's finally March too? Or do you miss February already?


  1. Hi Chelsea! I really like your work and your blog as well. I hope we can follow each other on bloglovin xox



    1. Hey Jules! Thanks for stopping by and following along! I'm going to pop over and check out your blog now :)


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