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Way back on this blog, I used to do a weekly segment called "Friday Feature" where I would highlight one of my favorite makers, artists and even musicians. I loved being able to reach out to some of my favorite makers and spread the word about some amazing folks. 

The feature died off a while back, around the time I started having less time to devote to blogging. But with the rise of Instagram, I've been so easily connected to SO many artists and makers! It's no surprise that I tend to follow similarly minded artists that are into plants, illustrations and card making. 

And so I wanted to bring back a little "Mini Feature" (not on a Friday, oops) about some of my favorite card makers. There are SO MANY amazing ladies out there making cards. Seriously, just scroll through my list of Instagram accounts I'm following, they're kinda amazing. 

Here are four ladies that I particularly admire. All four are incredibly talented, amazingly generous and genuinely wonderful women. Two are gals that I actually included on Friday Features years ago and two are new favorites I've been connected to through Instagram! I hope you enjoy their work as much as I do, and hopefully feel inclined to support their work as well! 

Katharine Watson:

Katharine has some of my absolute favorite card designs out there! I've been in love with printmaking since college so I have a soft spot of anyone that uses block printing in their work. Her designs are stunning and I love seeing her line grow and change every year. Prints, cards, textiles, calendars...everything is gorgeous and has so much time and work invested in it. She even delved into combining her block carvings and ceramics this year!

Shop Katharine Watson@katharine_watson

Erin McManness / Paper Raven Co.:

I could go on and on about Erin's work. She's just incredible. I think I stumbled onto her blog when I was in Italy years ago and I've just loved watching her work evolve and her business grow. Her illustrations and letter work continue to one of my favorites out there. Plus, how cute is this little notepad?! Everything she makes is incredible! And she's such a lovely person too! 

Shop Paper Raven Co.@paperraven.co

Laura Uy / Art and Soul Creative Co.:

I've followed Laura on Instagram for a while now, and her account is always so cheerful and fun! On top of adorable pun cards, Laura now has a new line of designs made from paper collages. I bought the Fiddle Leaf Fig for myself and Laura was so sweet to include a print of her Fiddle Leaf Fig watercolor too! I love everything she posts, especially her coloring book designs too! 

Shop Art + Soul Creative Co.@artandsoulcreativeco

Juliet Meeks Design:

Juliet is one of my newest favorite card makers and Instagramers. I absolutely LOVE her floral patterns with the black backgrounds! I think it's so unique to see that combination (especially since I'm such an addict to white backgrounds). Another thing I love is how she incorporates her watercolor patterns and designs into textiles and wrapping paper, they're stunning! She's also such a sweet heart with an inspiring Instagram as well. 

Shop Juliet Meeks Design@julietmeeksdesign

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