DIY paper bag portfolios

For my art lessons, I was in a pinch as to how to store my 8th grader's artwork for this session. Luckily during one of my restless nights of sleep, I came up with this quick solution using paper bags! It was really easy and immediately solved our storage problem, for super cheap too! 

  • A large paper bag (the larger the bag, the larger the portfolio will be)
  • Scissors
  • Wide tape (if it's colorful, even better!)
1. Carefully cut out the bottom panel of the paper bag, right along the edge. 

2.  Pop out the side panels so they fold out to the side instead of towards the middle. Squish them flat right along the side panel's middle fold.

3. Run a strip of wide tape all across the bottom edge with half of it hanging over the edge. Carefully fold the remaining half of tape to the other side of the portfolio. Trim the edges if needed.

4. Reinforce the handles with more tape. Now decorate and fill it with all your special creations!

Want some more ideas for how to up-cycle and repurpose your paper bags?


  1. That is actually kind of brilliant! Love it!

  2. This looks so cute and even eco-friendly! ♥ Love the decorations you added.

  3. So many uses for paper bags! I love this idea, you're so smart!

  4. Love that it is super easy and super cute!

  5. This is very simple paper bag preparation. Looking nice.

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